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released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Opposer Launceston, Australia

We come from Launceston, Tasmania. The vagina state, just below the rest of Australia. We love our home, we love our metal. We hope you like it too.

Currently playing local shows and promoting the release of our EP. Keep up to date with all of our moderately interesting updates online on our FB page.
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Track Name: Vengeance (Ft. Tim Westwood of Save The Clocktower)
You tried to push me out, but in the here an now I'm taking my vengeance out on you. So this is the message I want you to hear: Don't give up, don't stop until you've spilled enough blood to fill the hearts of all cowards. We all know what it feels like to be meaningless. I'm still a damaged man with my vices and weakness, but here's a fact, i'm nowhere as low as you.

You'll never know what you're capable of, just try. We aren't informed. Just fucking try. Run with the fox, hunt like the wold, fight of the fire, live off the truth you can't escape. I spit poison in the face of conviction, with the walls of mind keeps the warmth of my home. You will fear my vengeance. Just run, just as cowards do, you'll run from anything. This knife in my back didn't just appear, it was thrown from a safe fucking distance. So look at you now, you fucking piece of shit.
Track Name: Home-wrecker
We've fallen again, so low to the ground. I can hear them calling my name from the depths. What am I now? A shell of a man who took you by the hand so long ago. I've failed you and you have me. Can hear you that sound? I'm hearing voices and choices I have made, plagued from a life I do not lead. Lock lips with fists to the face of a coward.

You're a home-wrecker, without a bone in your back, no substance. I've failed you and you have me. I'm so sorry. I will pay for the sins of my father, a worthless man who only created souls with no name. I'll live with my mistakes as you do you, but I wont make amends for cowards. I drink poison every day and I pray that you get sick, somebody tell me wheres the logic in that? I should snap your fucking neck, but you've already hung your head so long to the ground. Can you hear that sound?
Track Name: Firedog
Get up. Oh you thought that we were over? You're afraid. I've given everything to this dream, and you're not, no you're not going to bring me down. You're at it again, i've proven your nothing. Bring me down If it makes you feel whole, but just know that we wont be defeated.

I am everything I will ever become and you've proven you're nothing. We will walk these streets with full hearts and empty minds. Follow in the wake of others before us. Learn to live again. Bring me down, you won't bring me to the ground. Get up or give up, find hope where you are, get up or just fuck off. We are the noise, we bring the cause and we will stop at nothing. I will be the reason why you can't sleep at night, I will be the reason why you question life. Get up, face the world.
Track Name: Clockwork Margaret
No-one wants to see you go, i've felt the presence of your life force giving way to infinite possibilities. Death is a door better left un-opened for I know that your love, that your life will keep you from giving in.

I only want to hold your hands in mine and let the ground beneath us know we're fine. With all of the fear in the world. We are whole. Feel this, the light of all things touch your soul, let it pass through your bones and feel the core of reality. Far from here is a desolate wasteland, I can't follow you there. Doubt is a fucking disease, hope is your only cure, please reach out.
Track Name: Revelations
In a state of fear, in a country filled with rats, I can see no use for a book that you wrote two-thousand years ago. It's a modern age of technology yet still you close your eyes. You can guide a flock but you can't tame a wolf.

We're tearing away at this life with no restraint and I know deep inside we crave guidance I know we wont ever find. Take a look inside and tell me do you really believe in an afterlife or are you just waiting to die?We are the ones who see through the dark and we're not giving up. I'm a mark of consequence and I pay for my actions, no one will come to my defence if I pray on the innocent. Show me your faith.

I've chosen what i've become, these actions are what I hold. Can you hear me? Save me. I will not be the one who comes to you in a time of need. I will claw my way from hell. I will make you see what you've done to us. One with earth, one with her and the day I call on you. Call on yourself, Revelation.
Track Name: Snake Eater (Ft. Peter Laredo of Interview With An Escape Artist)
So turn back the pages of time, to where it all began so you can watch the world burn. I bring life, to this hell, there is so much we're missing. As these nations turn we will all learn that everything comes with a price, then I close my eyes and let dreams become reality.

I never wanted to be like you, another cog in this battered machine. The wheels they keep turning and turning where we have yet to start learning. I never wanted to be like you. I am the son of a God with a higher form of eternal consciousness we have been giving everything to the wretched living dead. Bring me life, bring me love. With eyes wide open, watch the world burn.

Oh we are united, with so many heartfelt strikes on the walls of reality theres nothing to stop me now. We have to give up everything that we know, take the blindfold from reality. These wheels they keep on turning and turning, homeward bound for nothing. Unfortunately I know that if we started again, you'd still watch the fucking world burn. I can't see through the smoke. I will take this back, you'd still watch the fucking world burn.